The Run Saga: Breathe (2017) Full Movie Watch Online

The Run Saga: Breathe (2017) Info

The Run Saga: Breathe (2017) Full Movie

Release Date: 12 Oct 2017

Directed by  : Frederick Nah IV
Written by  : Frederick Nah IV
Starring  : Blue Kimble, Jeff Rose, Allison McAtee, Frederick Nah IV
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Age : 13+

Faced with life’s obstacles, interrelated sets of situations control the fate of individuals who are connected. Controversial and seemingly isolated stories interlock as the characters battle their own personal demons, as well as the burdens that society places on them. A young man deals with haunted nightmares of his abusive family past that seem to arise in his present. Dive into a complex, interracial religious family, whose faith is tested when dealt sexual tragedies and shocking truths. Finally a couple’s consistent battle with pride and control leads to an untimely death in the family. Roots of history lie within a hidden deeper battle for their souls. That history shapes their present and fates their future. Before they face each other, they must first face themselves. In order for them to get to the end they must first begin. In order for them to begin to change situations in their lives they must first BREATHE.

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